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traversing (tra vers ing): moving sideways without altitude gain
dynamic or "dyno" (di no): an explosive leap for a hold otherwise out of reach

What is your team doing?

Take your staff to new heights with REACH
eal Experiences for Achieving Corporate Harmony

team building REACH is boulder morty's experientially-based professional development course.   Team-building / challenge courses are proven to be an extremely effective and long-lasting approach to team management.  This interactive approach is an essential element in the development of strong, positive team dynamics.
REACH is designed to meet your group's specific needs, interests and capabilities.   The program consists of a series of initiatives and obstacles, both in and out of the climbing gym.  These elements are designed to present both physical and mental challenges with varying degrees of difficulty and risk under controlled conditions.   boulder morty's offers a stimulating, off-site environment - a refreshing change of pace from a group's usual work surroundings - an experience which is productive and beneficial to individuals and businesses. team building
team building Most of the activities are group problem solving initiatives - participants are given a clearly defined task to accomplish which requires a joint effort to complete.  Other challenges are individual problems, which require group encouragement to help insure success.  In one activity, one individual's weaknesses may be balanced by others' strengths, and in another activity, the same individual's strengths may help offset others' weaknesses.  Ultimate success comes from taking advantage of the combined physical and mental skills of the team.
The challenge program facilitates the development and practice of teamwork through communication, trust and acceptance of each participant's strengths and weaknesses.   It fosters problem-solving, leadership skills, determination and persistence to work through a task to completion.  Additionally, increased self-confidence, enhanced self-image and a focus on success provides the potential for individual and group growth and development. team building
team building Each individual leaves with increased insight and knowledge about themselves and how to handle problem situations as an individual, or as part of a group.  The group leaves with greater feeling of cohesiveness, and a greater understanding of the fact that teamwork plus communication equals success.  Lessons learned will be carried over to the workplace, as will the group's ability to work as a team toward the accomplishment of shared goals, thus increasing efficiency and productivity.

Specific Program Outline

A typical session will begin with the group working towards letting down their guard, which can be achieved through the use of "Ice Breakers".  Ice Breakers are activities which involve a minimal amount of risk and require little to no physical props.  They are designed to get individuals engaged with other members of the group and to make each participant more comfortable to undertake the upcoming challenges. team building
team building Once participants have warmed-up, the group will then identify personal and group goals.  At this point the group will move onto "Simple Initiatives", which assist in achieving the day's objectives.  The group will be presented with a clearly defined task and will then have to plan and execute a strategy to complete the task.   These initiatives are low impact and require very little risk.
After completing the simple initiatives, the group will then begin to work toward a series of "Trust Activities".  By this phase of the program, participants will have developed an increased level of involvement and will be better prepared to focus on the importance of trust.  Trust activities require a higher level of risk and will demand the full concentration and participation of every person involved.  The group will receive specific instruction, clearly defined and illustrated initiatives before moving ahead. team building
team building The session will advance toward an increased level of trust throughout the remainder of the program.  Activities will continue to guide participants toward achieving the desired personal and group goals.  In addition, there will also be an increased level of trust placed upon each individual.  Activities will start as low elements, with only hands-on spotting and will advance to higher elevation obstacles, requiring the use of ropes and technical climbing equipment for additional safety.
As the group completes each task, the facilitators will conduct a short debrief of their process, asking individuals to give input regarding experiences thus far.  Once the group feels satisfied with the process, the facilitators will then move to the next obstacle. team building
team building At the conclusion of each say, the group will engage in a structured debrief of the entire day's activities.  This time allows for reflection on what they have contributed to and received from the challenge program.  It also facilitates the connection of how these experiences relate to their work.

*Note: Details such as meals, lodging, use of the conference room and other speakers or presenters can be programmed to meet the needs of the clients.

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TEAM BUILDING - Team building! Team Building and team-building. TEAM BUILDING and Team-Building. TEAM-BUILDING. Professional development course. Team-building / challenge courses are proven to be an extremely effective and long-lasting approach to team management. This interactive approach is an essential element in the development of strong, positive team dynamics. (TEAM BUILDING - team building)