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Be a part of today's most exciting and fastest growing sport.  If you have been climbing indoors and would like to experience outdoor climbing, here is your chance.  Climbing outdoors presents you with challenges and experiences not available indoors.  Boulder Morty's has just the climbing curriculum you need to learn what it takes to climb safely outdoors.  Once you have mastered the basics, we can take you to the next levels.  Registration is required.  All classes meet at Boulder Morty's in the morning.  You can expect your day to last from 8:30 AM to approximately 4:00 PM.

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Meet our Staff...

Team up with a staff with more than thirty years of climbing/guiding experience for an exhilarating adventure.  Our staff is dedicated to providing safe, fun and personable assistance to enhance your climbing experience.  We teach state of the art climbing and safety practices in accordance with AMGA (American Mountain Guides) manual.  Our staff is comprised of seasoned professionals who are knowledgeable and extremely safety conscious.  They are trained in current climbing and guiding practices as well as in Wilderness First Aid and CPR.

Steve Buck
Steve is Boulder Morty's climbing school director.  He has been climbing since 1986.  During his competitive climbing days, Steve was ranked 18th in the country.  As an AMGA guide, Steve has spent the last five years sharing his love of climbing with children and adults alike.

Rob Girouard
Rob has a broad knowledge of climbing.  From 1991 - 1997, as a member of the US Marine Corps, Rob was responsible for training climbers and evaluating systems.  Rob's most recent adventure was in Ecuador where he climbed several high altitude mountains.

Bruce Prince
Bruce may be best known for getting married while climbing on Cathedral Ledge.  He was first introduced to climbing in 1988 while serving in a Mountain Infantry Unit in the NH Army National Guard for 7 years.  Bruce enjoys climbing as well as introducing others to the experience of rock and ice climbing.

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The Curriculum...

Rock Climbing 101
If you've always been intrigued by rock climbing, this is for you.  Rock Climbing 101 builds a foundation for learning to climb outdoors.  We will cover the proper equipment use, rope management skills, commands, knots, and secure belaying procedures.  No experience necessary.  Maximum enrollment - six.

Rock Climbing 202
This one day outdoor course is designed as the next step in the rock climbing adventure.  If you've tried climbing before and you want to advance your skills, look no further.  Our focus will be on strengthening you as a climber and belayer as well as providing extensive practice in anchor set up and rappelling.  Maximum enrollment - six

Rock Climbing 303
Challenge the walls on lead!  This is your opportunity to learn the fundamentals of lead climbing with Boulder Morty's climbing guides.  We will focus on the basics of gear placement, rope management and safety.  The route will be chosen to suit your ability.  Solid belay skills are required.  Maximum enrollment - two.

Rock Climbing 404
For all of you who may have purchased equipment and are beginning to climb on your own, please come and join us.  This one day outdoor course teaches you how to manage your climbing site on a multi-pitch climb.  This includes self rescue skills, advanced anchor set ups and technique.  This class is for the experienced climber who is looking to take their climbing to a more serious level.  Some leading experience is required.  Maximum enrollment - two.

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Rock Climbing 101 - $80 per person
Rock Climbing 202 - $80 per person
Rock Climbing 303 - $120 per person
Rock Climbing 404 - $120 per person


To register, call Steve at Boulder Morty's - 603.886.6789

Cancellation Policy...

Your fee will be refunded in full if...

  • we need to cancel due to inclement weather.  Every effort will be made to reschedule your class.
  • you call us 72 hours prior to the class.

Fifty percent of your fee will be refunded if ...

  • You cancel with less than 72 hour notice.

None of your fee will be refunded if you do not notify us of your cancellation.

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Classes can be customized both in time and location to meet the needs of your group.  
Just ask!


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