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Instructional programs will be offered to all levels of climbers. The beginner class that teaches proper safety procedures and general climbing techniques will be the most frequently taught course at boulder morty’s. Intermediate, advanced and training specific classes will be offered to more experienced climbers who know the basics, but want to climb more difficult routes.

We offer 5 different courses at boulder morty's, Introduction to Climbing, Basic Climbing Technique, Introduction to Lead Climbing, Advanced Climbing Technique, and Kids Climb. (Types of Climbing)

Introduction to Climbing: (30 - 60 minutes)
The first level of instruction is an introduction to the basic skills needed to safely enjoy climbing in the gym.  This class introduces gym climbing equipment - harness, shoes, chalk bag, gri-gri, locking carabiner and rope - as well as the top rope climbing system.  Skills taught are: proper use of all equipment, anchoring, clipping in, belaying, proper stance for the belayer, climbing signals/commands and gym etiquette.   Classes will be offered during all hours of operation, though during peak hours (nights and weekends), appointments may be needed.  Cost includes additional climbing time to utilize skills.  Introduction to Climbing Rate: $30.00 per person

Gym Orientation:
All new members and first-time visitors are required to demonstrate belay competency. A full understanding of proper belaying technique with the gri-gri is imperative for a safe experience.  Our instructors will test climbers and belayers in the following areas: clipping into ropes, use of gri-gri, proper belay technique, climbing signals (on belay/belay on, climb when ready, climbing/climb on, slack, uprope, tension, ready to lower/lowering, falling, off belay/belay off).  Proper stance will also be observed and evaluated.  Once prospective climbers have passed the Belay Check, they may start to climb immediately without further instruction. Gym Orientation Rate: $5.00 per person

Basic Climbing Technique: (30 minutes)
This is a basic course designed to introduce basic climbing and movement skills and increase confidence in novice climbers.  Techniques such as body and foot positioning, laybacking, bone hangs, locking off, setting up for the next move, edging, smearing and many others all bring advantages to the climber.  Classes will be offered by appointment and cost includes additional climbing time to practice techniques and utilize skills learned in class.  Basic Climbing Technique Rate: $30.00 per person

Introduction to Lead Climbing:
Minimum of 2 people per class   2-part class   (1 1/2 hour session 1st visit, 30 minute refresher 2nd visit)
All climbers require certification to participate in "lead climbing" in the gym. This 2-part class is designed to teach and reinforce lead climbing skills such as tying into rope, clipping into protection, belaying, feeding out and taking in the rope and proper stance.  Safety issues such as wearing a helmet & anchoring in, as well as other topics, are discussed.  Introduction to Lead Climbing Rate: $60.00 per person

Kid’s Climb: 3-part class (Three 1-hour lessons)
This program is designed for children ages 10 to 16.  In each one-hour lesson, kids will learn about gym climbing equipment, anchoring and proper belay technique, climbing signals and basic climbing skills.  Just as important, kids will learn gym etiquette and safety rules.  Classes are offered during all hours of operation, though appointments may be necessary during peak hours (nights and weekends). Cost includes three 1-hour sessions plus climbing time to utilize skills learned.   Kid’s Climb Rate: $75.00 per child

Advanced Climbing Technique: (60 minutes)
This is an intermediate to advanced course designed to further develop climbing and movement skills learned in the Basic Climbing Class.  Learning body position and a variety of moves enables more fluid, efficient, confident climbing.  Advanced topics include: difficult overhanging terrain, dynos, transferring weight, heel and toe hooking and crack climbing, to name a few.  Psychological aspects of climbing such as relaxation, meditation, recognizing tension and breathing are discussed in relation to climbing performance. Advanced climbing Technique Rate: $40.00 per person

All classes include a Day Pass.

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Types of Climbing

Top Rope Climbing:  Top roping, or climbing on the high walls with a rope attached to an anchor point at the top of the wall, represents the majority of the climbing being done at boulder morty’s. It is the safest form of climbing since a person should never fall farther than the amount of slack in the rope, which is usually about 6 inches.

Lead Rope Climbing:  Lead climbing, or climbing without the overhead belay, is the other type of climbing on the high walls at the gym. The climber must bring the rope up and clip it into pre-positioned anchors along the wall. This is considered to be the most venturesome type of climbing offered indoors. Lead climbing requires an additional certification process and is only available for the experienced climber.

Bouldering:  Bouldering, or climbing close to the ground without a rope, is a challenging activity for climbers of all levels. Bouldering will be made available to all clients as long as they observe appropriate guidelines. Bouldering is a great way to warm up for other types of climbing or to finish a workout. It can be used to easily and safely practice a large variety of climbing movements and is beneficial in gaining rapid improvement in climbing techniques.


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