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boulder morty's Team Building 
 Climber Incentive Program

25 otterson street  nashua, nh 03060

Suggest a Team Building Workshop to your employers, colleagues and friends...
Earn Free Climbing at boulder morty's!

Things are often very active and exciting at boulder morty's when the doors are closed to the public.  In fact, our busiest times can be daytime hours and certain evenings when we host special events, parties, group climbing with Scouts and other groups and especially Corporate Team Building events.

Several of our staff are trained team building facilitators who lead groups from local companies and organizations in invigorating "Outward Bound® style" challenge activities including:  Ropes Challenges, Initiative Games, Trust Exercises, Role Playing Challenges, Communication Encounters, and, of course... Rock Climbing.

Sales Meetings, conferences, employee orientations, staff development or simply an opportunity for the group to get better acquainted or enhance communication - we can design a program to meet a variety of objectives.

Many of our groups come in after a climber talks up the idea a the office.  We'd like to ask for your assistance - Suggest a workshop to your employers and colleagues!  We'll make it pay off for you!

A win-win situation:  Spread the news to colleagues and management about team building or group climbing... Your company or group has a great session at boulder morty's... You earn free climbing passes!

Team Building Incentives:

15+ Participants

3 month membership to boulder morty's

30+ Participants

6 month membership to boulder morty's

50+ Participants

1 year membership to boulder morty's


Group (recreational) Climbs:
15+ Participants 5 free passes to boulder morty's
30+ Participants 10 free passes or 1 month membership
50+ Participants 3 month membership

  You do need to register for the incentive program...simply inform us that you are working on bringing a group in  - and Thanks!  Pease fill out the Request Info. Form, send e-mail to or call (603) 886-6789.

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