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boulder morty's
indoor rock climbing gym

Birthday Parties
a.k.a. Vertical Parties

The hottest party around!

Groups of  5 - 10:  $135
Groups of  11 - 15:  $195
Groups of 16 or more: $10 additional per person.

Gear Rental:
$2 per harness (50% discount off regular price)
You will need one harness per child.

$5 / Additional - 10 cool climbing invitations!

Anyone 4 and older is invited to climb at boulder morty's.

Belayer Options 

We recommend one belayer for every four to five climbers.

Option 1:
We will gladly do belay instruction for the amount of belayers needed for your party.  There is no additional cost for the lesson, and the best thing is that once you learn how, you will always be belay certified at our facility.

Option 2:
Rent-A-Belayer (4 hour maximum)
1 Belayer  - Up to   5 kids - $25
2 Belayers - Up to 10 kids - $40
3 Belayers - Up to 15 kids - $55

Parties are booked on a first come / first served basis.  They are available during the following hours of operation.  So reserve your time today!

Wednesday - Friday: 3:00 to 10:00
Saturday: 10:00 to 10:00
Sunday: 11:00 to 7:00

The conference room can be reserved in 2 hour blocks for a more private area to enjoy food and gifts.

What's everyone talking about?

Anybody can indoor rock climb!  We have easy walls, hard walls and everything in between!  As the climber ascends the wall, a qualified belayer, anchored to the floor, manages the rope.  The belayer takes up slack, stops any falls, and safely and slowly lowers the climber once he/she has reached the top.

At boulder morty's, we put safety first!

We have taken the highest possible precautions to insure the utmost safety to those who visit and climb in our gym.  Top rope climbing is when the climber ascends up to the higher points of the wall using a rope for safety.  The rope is attached to the climber's harness using a pre-tied figure-8 knot, then goes up and over a secure belay bar at the top of the wall.  A partner, called a belayer, holds the free end of the rope, taking up slack through a "Gri-Gri".  If the climber falls, the Gri-Gri automatically locks and breaks the fall, with the belayer braking the rope as well.

Our harnesses are Petzl Club harnesses, which feature an automatic "double-back" buckle system.  This ensures that when the belt is adjusted to proper fit, the harness is locked and will not loosen.

All climbers and belayers receive in-depth instruction and safety review prior to climbing.

Each child will receive safety instruction prior to climbing as to assure a positive and safe climbing party for all!


For a spot on our mailing list, membership information, or gift certificates, please fill out the Request Info. Form, send e-mail to or call (603) 886-6789.

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